Unique Shops with Something for Everyone.

shop the town of redwingRed Wing’s one-of-a-kind shops are a refreshing break. Its unique galleries,specialty merchants, antique stores and boutiques please a variety of visitors. Red Wing delivers shopping venues housed in Victorian homes, historic Main Street storefronts and a renovated pottery factory with river views and valley vistas.

When founded, Red Wing became known for its pottery, agricultural goods and manufacturing, including of Red Wing Shoes. Today, it is internationally known for its pottery and manufacturing. Visitors from around the globe visit the city to watch pottery being made today as it was in the mid-1800s. Red Wing also is known for its antique galleries and unique shopping.

Main Street District shops in converted historic homes

The Main Street District is home to galleries, garden shops and other boutiques. You’ll find jardinières, trellises and gardening tools; Minnesota-grown food products such as baking mixes, jams and jellies; Native American jewelry and pottery; log furniture; and health foods, organic beauty products and more.

Downtown District boutiques

Visit the Downtown District for unique storefronts, as well as indoor shopping protected from the elements. You’ll find women’s clothing, golf wear, Red Wing shoes – the shoes that made the city famous – and German and Scandinavian clothing, jewelry and other wares.

Antiques around every corner

Antique stores are scattered throughout Red Wing from the Historic Pottery District between Levee Road and Old West Main Street to the Downtown District. Some shops have a focus on pottery with everything from tableware and serving dishes to mixing bowls and crocks. You’ll find Red Wing